About us

SIA "Hipnos" has been successfully operating on the market since 2006. The company operates in the fields of sleep medicine and respiratory medicine. The company offers equipment from leading manufacturers of medical equipment in Europe and the USA.

We specialize in:

· in sleep medicine technologies, sale and service of CPAP, APAP, BiLevel therapy equipment, sale and service of non-invasive and invasive lung ventilators, sale, installation and service of sleep diagnostic equipment and sleep laboratory equipment;

· organizing sleep clinics, sleep laboratories, developing individual solutions;

· in the sale of oxygen therapy and oxygen supply solutions for inpatients;

· selling and servicing oxygen concentrators and their accessories;

· in the sale and service of inhalers;

· in the sale and service of gas mixers for dentistry, dermatology, gynecology and beauty care clinics. In the development of individual solutions.

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